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OPTIDUAL: Dual Antiaggregation Not Beneficial after 12 Months.

OPTIDUAL: Dual Antiaggregation Not Beneficial after 12 Months.

Extending dual antiaggregation therapy (DAT) from 12 to 48 months appears not to offer extra protection after DES implantation in patients with no adverse ischemic events during the first year, neither does it increase the risk of severe bleeding. The OPTIDUAL study was carried out in 58 centers and included 1.385 patients one year after

Meta-analysis of prolonged DAT after DES

Extending the antiaggregation therapy over a year reduces adverse events in patients with a history of AMI, according to this meta-analysis simultaneously published in the European Heart Journal. They analyzed data from 33.435 patients (mean age 64; 24% women) with a history of infarction included in one of the following clinical trials: CHARISMA, PRODIGY, ARCTIC-Interruption,

FAME at 5 years: FFR Should Guide All Multivessel PCIs

Though the benefit of FFR (fractional flow reserve) over angiography is statistically important only over the first 2 years, this pattern is maintained at long term according to FAME 5 year follow up, presented at the ECS and simultaneously published in The Lancet. Between the second and fifth year, the number of patients at risk