June 10, 2016

Rio de Janeiro, June 10, 2016.

kleimanFinally, a beautiful sunny day at the Wonderful City; despite this was the last day of Congress, activities went full steam ahead. In the morning, in the main room, the highlight was ACC@SOLACI – ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROMES, where Dr. Eric R. Bates and Dr. Neal Kleiman (both from USA) and Dr. Expedito Ribeiro da Silva (Brazil) coordinated an excellent panel that discussed adjunct drug therapy, the limitation of FFR in patients with ACS and how to optimize reperfusion therapy in Brazil. In the end, Dr. Kleiman lectured on an intriguing and rather controversial topic discussed by experts all over the world: “Complete Revascularization during PCI, When and How”. Colleagues from all Latin America were able to share their experiences.

In the evening, the highlight was a round table about intracoronary ultrasound where, during two hours, participants dwelt on the use of this important tool on different scenarios of complex PCI: bifurcations, left main trunk, chronic calcified lesions, the role they play to identify complications, and the assessment of moderate plaque.

SOLACI/SBHCI stands as the most important event of interventional cardiology in Latin America and, once more, our organization and the highest scientific and academic level have beaten expectations. The next SBHCI will be held in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, on June 28 thru 30. We rest assured we can count on the same reliable and professional team; see you in 2017.

Dr. Adriano Tamazato and Dr. Pedro Piccaro de Oliveira