SOL SOLACI Program Took Part in the Venezuela Sessions 2021 with a New Charitable Case

SOLACI’s SOLidario Program took part in the XLII Regional SOLACI Sessions in Venezuela, where a charitable intervention was performed in collaboration with the Venezuelan Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOVECI) and  Caracas University Hospital.

Jornadas Venezuela 2021

In this opportunity, physicians treated a 60-year-old patient with significant heart disease under study for acute myocardial infarction after thrombolysis. Coronary angiography identified a 95% severe obstruction at the level of the proximal anterior descending artery with TIMI III flow. After balloon predilation, a 3.0 × 16 mm stent was successfully positioned. The condition was resolved, there were no complications, and the patient was discharged. Operators were Dr. César Ochoa, President of SOVECI, and Dr. José Abelardo López, former President of SOVECI and current member of SOLACI.

During the presentation, the Director of SOLACI’s SOLidario Program, Dr. Marcelo Halac (Argentina), highlighted the importance of solidarity in the current global health context as “an indispensable tool for those of us who work in medicine to bring partial relief to a society that needs it today more than ever.” In this sense, he emphasized that one of the objectives of the SOLidario Program is “to communicate that we must include the concept of solidarity as part of our social responsibility as a society.”

On the other hand, he valued the organizational culture that identifies SOLACI and underlined the importance of the SOLidario Program, since “it brings diagnostic or therapeutic cardiovascular procedures to patients who do not have economic resources or health coverage in different Latin American countries.

SOLACI’s SOLidario Program has performed more than 50 successful cardiovascular procedures in Latin America, and aims to continue expanding its work together with SOLACI Sessions.


programa solidario solaci

SOLACI’s SOLidario Program is a facilitator connecting the patient, the institution, the local scientific community, and the specialist with local suppliers in each country so that the performing team can count with the adequate supply of elements, drugs, and/or endovascular devices for a successful procedure.

Created by a group of adult and pediatric interventional cardiologists who are SOLACI members, SOLACI SOL seeks to facilitate the access to percutaneous therapeutic and diagnostic cardiovascular procedures, conducted in renowned medical centers by specialists who are SOLACI members, to patients in Latin America and the Caribbean who lack the medical coverage or economic resources for them.

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