Watch Again Advanced Strategias on Bifurcations Management in our Youtube Account

Watch Again “Advanced Strategias on Bifurcations Management” in our Youtube Account


  • Provisional stent technique as a treatment philosophy: the step by step and when to use it.
  • Critical analysis of the POT, Kissing, Re POT technique.
  • Provisional strategy vs 2 stents in No ULM
  • The case in which I require a second stent: when, step by step of T, TAP. Tips & Tricks.

Directors: Dr. Lucio Padilla y Dr. Marcelo Abud
Panelists: Dr. Aníbal Damonte, Dr. Adolfo López Campanher, Evandro Martins Fhilo, Dr. Andrés Navarro, Dr. Mauro Echavarria Pinto, Dr. Elihu Durán y Dr. Nicolás Zaderenko.

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