MIL Train More MIL – Day 5: Sanatorio Anchorena

The program MIL Training More MIL continues in specialized centers in Buenos Aires. Las Friday the chosen site was Anchorena Clinic. 

On this last day of training participants saw a TAVR case with Evolut PRO and reviewed several TAVR cases with small annuli, as well as several canned cases of aortic valve implantation with ACURATE Neo and Evolut.

▶ We congratulate the grant holders once more for taking part in this program and for their commitment to learning and sharing experiences. 

👉 Dra. María Antonieta Albanéz (Brasil)
👉 Dra. Andrea Robaina (Venezuela)
👉 Dra. Victoria Andrea Liberti (Argentina)
👉 Dra. Iriz Rodrígues (Guatemala)
👉 Dra. Vanessa Flores Santacruz (Paraguay)
👉 Dra. Cecilia Cuevas de la Cruz (Perú)
👉 Dra. Beatriz Azpurúa Itriago (Venezuela)
👉 Dra. Blanca Esthela Méndez Bizarrón (México)
👉 Luciana Jubany (Uruguay)

▶  The aim of MIL Training More MIL is to offer education opportunities in structural heart disease to female doctors across Latin America.

We thank Dr. Matías Sztejfman and the whole staff at Anchorena Clinic for making part of this important educational initiative form Latin American Women.

▶ We also want to extend our deep gratitude to Medtronic for their support to this program.

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