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AGENT-IDE: Drug Coated Balloons for Instent Restenosis

AGENT-IDE: Drug Coated Balloons for Instent Restenosis

Drug eluting stents (DES) have improved considerably over the years, reducing the initial indices of instent restenosis (ISR) by roughly 5-10% a year in USA. However, DES failure might lead to neointimal hyperplasia and neoatherosclerosis, which increases the chance of developing chronic and acute coronary syndromes.  Drug coated balloons (DCB), which administer anti-proliferative agents with

DES de 2.0 mm para vasos muy pequeños: ¿Es viable?

ISAR Score: Can We Predict the Need for Repeat PCI in DES Restenosis?

Score to predict the risk of repeat PCI in DES restenosis. With the use of drug eluting stents (DES) instent restenosis (ISR) has seen a significant reduction vs. bare metal stents (BMS) restenosis.  The main cause of DES failure is ISR. This entity is difficult to manage because of its high recurrence and reintervention risk.