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SOLACI Peripheral Registry Surpassed the 500-Patient Mark

SOLACI Peripheral Registry Surpassed the 500-Patient Mark

We are glad to announce that the Latin American SOLACI Peripheral Registry keeps growing and has enrolled over 500 patients. Over 9 countries and 29 Latin American sites have joined this multicenter, prospective research initiative that aims to collect data on the reality of lower limb angioplasty within our continent, in order to unify criteria, draw

ACC 2021 | VOYAGER PAD: utilidad del rivaroxaban luego de una angioplastia periférica

ACC 2021 | VOYAGER PAD: Usefulness of Rivaroxaban After Peripheral Angioplasty

Patients with peripheral vascular disease who undergo angioplasty in the lower limbs find benefit from treatment with rivaroxaban, according to the VOYAGER PAD study, presented at the scientific sessions of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) 2021 Congress and simultaneously published in JACC. Patients with said disease present a higher risk of ischemic events not

Webinar SOLACI Research | Angioplastia de miembros inferiores. Registro LATAM Periférico

12/05 | SOLACI Research Webinar: Lower Limb Angioplasty. LATAM Peripheral Registry

Do not miss the next SOLACI Research event, where we will be presenting LATAM Peripheral Research Registry! This registry is meant to collect data and clinical information about peripheral vascular disease across Latin America to determine the best evidence-based therapies.  This is why we are carrying out a live virtual event you cannot miss, where