04/19 – SOLACI-LATAM Bif Webinar | Use of Drug Coated Balloons in Complex PCI

04/19 – SOLACI-LATAM Bif Webinar | Use of Drug Coated Balloons in Complex PCI

On Wednesday, April 19th, at 7 pm (Argentinian/Brazil time) we will be holding a new open event together with LATAM Bif on the “Use of Drug Coated Balloons in Complex PCI”.  The event will feature renowned Latin American speakers and panelists.  April 19, 2023, 7:00 pm (Argentinian/Brazil time; UTC-3). Open and free of charge. Take

Watch Again How to Avoid Self-Sabotage in Interventional Cardiology – SOLACI-MIL-Medtronic Webinar

You can now relive our virtual event on how to avoid self-sabotage in Interventional cardiology, aimed at women in the field who want to advance their careers.  The event was carried out through the Latin American Women Interventionists (MIL) sponsored by MEDTRONIC and featured great leaders with vast expertise.   See the complete video below.  🚀

May 12 – SOLACI-BIOTRONIK Webinar: Paradigm Shift: Magnesium in Bioresorbable Technology. Bioresorbable Scaffolds Innovation Highlights

New SOLACI Event with BIOTRONIK to discuss current relevant topics on interventional cardiology.  In this activity, we will be sharing, together with renowned Latin American specialists, information and perspectives on the following topic: “Paradigm shift with magnesium based bioresorbable technology. Innovation highlights on bioresorbable scaffolds”. Date: May 6, 2022, 07.30 PM (Argentina / Brasil Time;

Webinar SOLACI-CACI Grupo MIL Women as One

04 /27 | MIL Group Webinar – Training Opportunities in Clinical and Basic Research in LATAM

A new SOLACI – CACI joint event is coming, Women as One, with the support of Boston Scientific In this new educational endeavor, we will focus on training opportunities in clinical and basic research in LATAM for women interventionists to develop their professional career in this area.  In this context, different international leaders in the

Gregg Stone Masterclass

April 7th | Medtronic-SOLACI Masterclass with Gregg Stone: Revascularization in Patients with Multivessel Lesions

Join us in the third Medtronic-SOLACI masterclass with Dr. Gregg Stone (USA) and renowned Latin-American panelists. In this last session of this cycle of 3 masterclasses organized alongside Medtronic, Dr. Stone will discuss revascularization in patients with multivessel lesions. Date: April 7th, 2022, at 07:30 p.m. (Argentina/Brazil time, UTC -3). As usual, this event is

19/04 – Cusp Overlap Masterclass with International and LATAM Guests

What is the rationale behind the cusp overlap technique? How should we combine it with commissural alignment to facilitate coronary access?  We invite the entire interventional cardiology community to take part in this fascinating event we are sharing with prestigious international and Latin American specialists. The program includes case study reviews.  Date: April 19, 2022,

Webinar SOLACI-Medtronic: Casos imposibles: Revisión de casos complejos y controversiales en TAVI

Webinar SOLACI – Medtronic | Impossible Cases! Review of Complex and Controversial TAVR Cases

We invite the entire Latin American community to analyze challenging TAVR cases together with a panel of Latin American experts. We will be looking at vascular access sites, aortic anatomy, potential coronary compromise, Valve-in-Valve, and more!  Date: March 24, 2022, at 07.30 PM (Argentinian/ Brazil time; UTC-3). The event will feature renowned experts from across