Promoting cardiovascular health in the preschool age

Cardiovascular disease is the worldwide leading cause of death. Changes in lifestyle, diet and sedentary routine have increased risk factors. The age between 3 and 5 years is a great opportunity to intervene prospectively-effective to change lifestyle. The study was conducted in Colombia with preschool age children and intervention results were evaluated at 6-8 years of age. Based on a multidisciplinary teaching strategy children received talks 40 hours a month, related to health, balanced nutrition and physical activity. Of the cohort of children selected, 598 were randomized to intervention. There was a significant improvement lifestyle at 6 months which was maintained at 36 months in those children undergoing intervention.


The intervention in the preschool age has a positive effect on lifestyle changes at 36 months follow up.

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Jaime Cespedes

Original title: Promotion of Cardiovascular Health in Preschool Children: 36-month Cohort Follow-up.