ACC 2022 | CLASP TR Study: Tricuspid Valve Repair with the PASCAL Device

The study included 65 patients who received endovascular treatment of the tricuspid valve with the PASCAL device. Forty-six completed the 12-month follow-up.

ACC 2022

At 1-year follow-up, the major events endpoint was 16.9%; the most frequent event was bleeding (9.2%). In addition, there were three cases of stroke, one reintervention, two vascular access complications, and five cardiovascular-related deaths unrelated to the procedure or device.

All patients improved their functional class to I, with an improvement in quality of life and in their performance in the 6-minute walk test.

Additionally, the vast majority of them experienced decreased tricuspid regurgitation by at least two crossings, and in 86% of them it was less than moderate. Data also showed a significant improvement at annulus level, right ventricular end-diastolic diameter, right atrial volume, tricuspid regurgitant jet area, and inferior vena cava diameter.

Original Title: Tricuspid Repair With Pascal Safe, Effective at 1 Year: CLASP TR.

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