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Webinar SOLACI-CACI-MicroPort

SOLACI-CACI 2021 Webinar | Challenges in TAVI – Severe CAD & Coronary Occlusion

SOLACI-CACI 2021 Webinar | Challenges in TAVI – Severe CAD & Coronary Occlusion

Next Thursday, October 14, we will hold a joint event between SOLACI, CACI and the Microport company on “Challenges in TAVI: Severe Coronary Disease and Coronary Occlusion”. The activity is part of the satellite events of the SOLACI-CACI 2021 Congress and, as such, will have the participation of important international and Latin American speakers. Date:

Nuevas guías de valvulopatías con actualizaciones clave en TAVI e insuficiencia mitral

The FDA Approves a Third Device in the TAVR Race

The Portico self-expanding graft has obtained FDA approval and can now compete as one of the three options available in clinical practice for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) in the United States. For the time being, its indication will have some restrictions: for example, it can only be used in high-risk patients (unlike CoreValve and

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The latest scientific articles on TAVI published on our website

01- TAVR and Anticoagulation: Direct Anticoagulant Agents or Vitamin K Inhibitors? In some patients, using an anticoagulant agent is not an option, it is just prescribed. Based on the French TAVR registry, this research compared long-term mortality, bleeding, and ischemic events after valve implantation. A comparison was made between TAVR and direct vs. classic anticoagulant agents—good old proven and reversible vitamin K inhibitors. Read also HERE 02-

ESC 2021 | ENVISAGE-TAVI AF: sorpresas con el endoxaban en TAVI y fibrilación auricular

ESC 2021 | ENVISAGE-TAVI AF: Surprise with Endoxaban in TAVR and Atrial Fibrillation

The enthusiasm for direct oral anticoagulants after transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) is waning. At least, when it combines with atrial fibrillation. The ENVISAGE-TAVI AF has shown excessive bleeding with endoxaban vs. the classical vitamin K antagonists. Endoxaban resulted non-inferior to vitamin K antagonists in terms of net clinical adverse events, but major bleeding events

TAVI en insuficiencia aórtica pura

TAVR Durability Becomes Irrelevant after TRANSIT Outcomes

The international registry TRANSIT has shown treating degenerated transcatheter aortic valves (TAVs) with a second TAVR is safe and effective. These finding are of crucial importance to the definite adoption of TAVR in the lower risk, younger population.  Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has determined a paradigm shift in severe aortic stenosis treatment.  Technological innovation

Incidencia, características y tratamiento de la trombosis valvular post TAVI

Direct TAVR vs. Predilation: Potential Cost of a Simpler Procedure

Does simplifying TAVR involve a cost? At least for low-risk patients included in the PARTNER 3, the question appears somewhat abstract. Predilation and direct TAVR resulted equally safe, though the latter shortened procedural time and did not require further post dilation.  Both strategies resulted virtually identical in terms of clinical events.  The use of predilation


European Consensus on Antithrombotic Management in TAVR

All the controlled randomized evidence recently published called for an updated document on antithrombotic management in transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). While thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications have diminished over time—as both the technique and the devices have been perfected—, they still remain as common adverse events in TAVR.  Recommendations in the 2017 European Guidelines were