ACC 2018 | COMBO: New Stent with Thin Struts and Pro-Healing Membrane

The new COMBO stent, comprised of thin struts plus a bioengineered layer of endothelial progenitor cells, is safe and effective at 1 year, according to this registry (the largest study on this device to date).

This new stent could provide a better option for patients at high risk for bleeding who may not be able to use long-term dual antiplatelet therapy.

At 1 year, the primary endpoint (a composite of cardiac death, target-vessel infarction and clinically-driven revascularization) was 3.9%. Upon individual consideration, cardiac death was 1.6%, target-vessel infarction was 1.2%, and clinically-driven revascularization was 2.2%. Definite/probable stent thrombosis was 0.8% at 1 year.

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Such encouraging results seem to warrant a comparative study against a newer-generation drug-eluting stent.

Original title: One-Year Clinical Outcomes of the Bio-Engineered Combo Stent: Primary Results from the 3614 All-Comer Patients in the COMBO Collaboration.

Presenter: Colombo A.

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