ESC 2019 | Pure: Body Mass Index Shows Low Correlation with Cardiovascular Events

This population study has found all-cause mortality is lower the lower body mass index (BMI) is, but lower BMI is not necessarily better.

low BMI death TAVI

In fact, the lowest mortality in this global analysis was found in patients with medium BMI.

Other anthropometric measurements such as hip/waist ratio and strength/weight ratio are better predictors of events and mortality than BMI.

One of the changes this study introduces in the daily practice is that we should loosen focus on weight as a goal and focus more on exercising to increase strength.

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This study followed 142410 patients (between 35 and 70) from 21 countries at mean 9.5 years. This analysis was adjusted by age, sex, geographic region, education level, physical activity, alcohol and tobacco consumption, hypertension and diabetes.

BMI distribution varied according to region between 23% and 12%.

Original Title: New insights into anthropometrics and cardiovascular outcomes in 142,000 adults from 21 countries followed for 9 years – a PURE study.

Reference: Leong DP presentado en el congreso de la ESC 2019. Paris, Francia.

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