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Renal Denervation is Safe and Reduces Blood Pressure and Medication

Renal Denervation is Safe and Reduces Blood Pressure and Medication

We are well aware of the multifactorial nature of hypertension, as well as the fact that it responds well to medication and lifestyle changes.  It can be treated with renal denervation (RDN), which has been shown safe and effective in several randomized and non-randomized studies. However, the group of patients that will benefit most from

TCT 2022

SYMPLICITY HTN-3 Trial. Evolution at 3 Years

The SYMPLICITY 3-year outcomes are out. Bear in mind this is the largest study we have had so far.  It included 535 patients. 364 received renal denervation (RDN) and 171 went to the control group.  At 36-month followup, 101 patients crossed over.  The procedure was safe at 36 months, both for patients receiving it at

TCT 2022

TCT 2022 | RADIANCE II Pivotal Trial

Renal denervation has been developed to treat blood hypertension. Even though at present is still not common, with the development of new technology and improved technique, its results are promising.  The RADIANCE II Pivotal included 224 patients. 150 received renal denervation with ultrasound (uRDN) and 74 went to the control group. Efficacy primary end point

EuroPCR 2022 | Cambios en el daño cardíaco luego del reemplazo valvular aórtico por cirugía

EuroPCR 2022 | Renal denervation increases long-term time in target blood pressure range compared with sham control

Most hypertensive patients do not reach target blood pressure level ranges despite optimal medical treatment. Regardless anti-hypertensive medication, patients undergoing radiofrequency renal denervation have seen significant improved control of blood pressure, with relevant clinical impact. One of the outcomes we look at in chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes is time in target range

ACC 2022

ACC 2022 | SPYRAL HTN-ON: Is It Time to Start Using Renal Denervation?

Thirty-eight patients were enrolled in the renal denervation (RDN) group, and 42 in the control group.  The mean ambulatory systolic blood pressure and the mean ambulatory diastolic blood pressure were significantly lower at 24 and 36 months for patients in the RDN group compared with the control group, despite similar medical treatment with antihypertensive drugs.

ACC 2021 | Revive la denervación renal de la mano del RADIANCE-HTN TRIO

ACC 2021 | Relive Renal Denervation with RADIANCE-HTN TRIO

Endovascular ultrasound renal denervation significantly reduces systolic blood pressure when compared against a sham procedure according to this new study presented at ACC 2021 simultaneously published in the Lancet. Renal denervation reduces ambulatory daily systolic blood pressure by 8 mmHg vs 3 mmHg in the sham procedure branch.  This translates into a mean 4.5 mmHg

EuroPCR 2020 | Is Renal Denervation Coming Back to Life?

Additional analyses from the Global SYMPLICITY Registry and the RADIANCE-HTN SOLO trial, presented virtually at EuroPCR 2020, can contribute to the comeback of renal denervation as another alternative for patients with uncontrolled hypertension. The 3-year results from the SYMPLICITY registry showed significant and durable reductions in blood pressure regardless of how many medications patients were taking.