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Watch Again How to Avoid Self-Sabotage in Interventional Cardiology – SOLACI-MIL-Medtronic Webinar

Watch Again How to Avoid Self-Sabotage in Interventional Cardiology – SOLACI-MIL-Medtronic Webinar

You can now relive our virtual event on how to avoid self-sabotage in Interventional cardiology, aimed at women in the field who want to advance their careers.  The event was carried out through the Latin American Women Interventionists (MIL) sponsored by MEDTRONIC and featured great leaders with vast expertise.   See the complete video below.  🚀

¿Hay diferencias entre mujeres y hombres luego de una intervención percutánea?

Sex Differences According to Thrombus Burden in STEMI Patients

Many studies have shown there is higher mortality and complications among women after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) vs. men, especially after 30 days. Even though the mechanism driving higher mortality remains uncertain, recent studies have seen differences in thrombus formation with increased platelet count among women. In STEMI patients, intracoronary thrombus burden is a predictor

El cierre de orejuela es seguro con los nuevos dispositivos

Do Men and Women Present the Same Evolution after Left Atrial Appendage Closure?

Atrial fibrillation is a very frequent type of arrythmia that affects both men and women alike. This entity is associated to higher mortality seeing as it favors stroke and hospitalization for cardiac failure.  At present, one of its valid treatment strategies is left atrial appendage closure, to reduce or prevent stroke and anticoagulation driven bleeding. 

Disección coronaria espontánea: ¿Hay diferencias entre hombres y mujeres?

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: Are There Differences Between Men and Women?

Spontaneous coronary artery dissection is one of the causes of acute coronary syndrome, with a prevalence between 1 and 4%, that might reach up to 35% in women <50 years old, according to recent studies. As dissections are more frequent in women, research focuses on this population. Small retrospective studies have shown different triggers and predisposing

¿Hay diferencias entre mujeres y hombres luego de una intervención percutánea?

Are There Differences Between Women and Men After a Percutaneous Intervention?

Prior research has shown that women with coronary artery disease who undergo percutaneous revascularization present more comorbidities, require less aggressive treatments, have greater long-term morbidity rates and worst functional status and/or post-procedure angina. This study used data from the CPORT-E trial (Cardiovascular Patient Outcomes Research Team Non primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) to assess baseline differences

Programas de ejercicios en la enfermedad vascular periférica

Women Present Lower Risk of Sport Related Sudden Death Compared to Men

According to this recent analysis published in Eur Heart J, women would have a far lower chances of dying suddenly for physical exertion during sports compared against men.  Women seem to be better protected against this event, which rises the following question: what the value of screening? The risk of sports related sudden death is

SOLACI-CACI 2021 | Watch Again the Session from Grupo MIL-SOLACI-CACI on Gender Opportunities in Interventional Cardiology

✔️ Watch again the session “The MIL Group/SOLACI/CACI/WAO Gender Opportunities in Interventional Cardiology” delivered during SOLACI-CACI 2021. The session, conducted by Dr. Carla Agatiello -Director of the Latin American Group of Interventionist Women (MIL) from SOLACI-, revolved around gender matters in the field of interventional cardiology. In this regard, it focused on job placement data

Estrategias para mejorar la formación de Mujeres Intervencionistas Latinoamericanas (MIL)

05/01 | MIL Group / SOLACI / CACI Webinar: Strategies to Improve the Training of Latin American Interventionist Women

We invite you to participate in a new SOLACI virtual event open to the entire community. It will be carried out with the support of Boston Scientific and it will have the participation of prestigious hemodynamicists from all over Latin America. The event will take place on next Saturday, May 1 at 11.00 a.m. (Argentine time;

Watch again our Webinar on International Women’s Day: Let’s Talk About Gender in Interventional Cardiology

Watch again our Webinar on “International Women’s Day: Let’s Talk About Gender in Interventional Cardiology” on our Youtube account. The event was held on March 8th, 2021, and had the participation of almost 200 people and the support of Boston Scientific. This Webinar was created together with the Argentinian College of Interventional Cardioangiologists and promoted