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Dieta proinflamatoria y su potencial para desencadenar eventos cardiovasculares

What Is the Healthiest Diet?

What Is the Healthiest Diet?

This review published in JACC focuses on the foods we shood consume rather than the foods we should avoid eating (the latter being the most common focus).  In this regard, the Mediterranean diet, with fish as protein source, should be the gold standard, the ultimate goal being to extend life expectancy. Promoting cardiovascular health based

Efectos de la promoción de los hábitos saludables desde la niñez

Effects of Health Promotion Since Childhood

All clinical practice guidelines indicate healthy lifestyle recommendations and, as cardiologists, we have slowly but surely implemented such practice. However, patients come to us once they have had health problems. What would happen if people had these recommendations at an earlier stage in their life? Would that prevent them from ever becoming patients? There was

¿El alcohol es bueno, malo o neutro para la salud cardiovascular?

Is Alcohol Good, Bad, or Neutral for Cardiovascular Health?

In the 2018 Guidelines on Hypertension, commandment no. 6 states that we should make lifestyle interventions such as sodium restriction, healthy eating, regular exercise, weight control, and smoking cessation, and also alcohol moderation. It is clear that heavy alcohol consumption induces hypertension and may probably be one of the main causes of secondary hypertension, but