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MitraClip: Should we prescribe it earlier?

MitraClip: Should we prescribe it earlier?

Courtesy of Dr. Carlos Fava. Patients with severe mitral regurgitation unfit for surgery due to high surgical risk are likely to develop chronic kidney disease (CKD). There is limited information available on patients with CKD receiving MitraClip.   This study analyzed patients receiving MitraClip and presenting chronic kidney disease.   CKD was defined as a

Las ondas venosas pulmonares en el MitraClip tienen valor pronóstico

MitraClip Similar to Surgery at 5 Years

Original Title: Randomized Comparison of Percutaneous Repair and Surgery for Mitral Regurgitation. 5 – Years Results of EVEREST II. Reference: Ted Feldman et al. J Am Coll Cardiol 2015;66:2844-54 Courtesy of Dr. Carlos Fava The MitraClip at 12 months in the EVEREST II trial showed similar outcomes to that of surgery, with improved ventricular remodeling and